Multidisciplinary modes of action

ANIAGRI have software tools at their disposal to establish balances (production, reproduction, mastitis, fodder, etc.) and simulations. The services are provided in the form of operational advice supplemented by remote interventions.

ANIAGRI offers a diversified range of services to meet the objectives of each breeder and the specificities of his farm. The various workshops have many areas of intervention: feeding, fodder management, breeding, heifer breeding, breeding buildings, milk quality, technical and economic aspects, etc.

ANIAGRI to meet changing needs, intervenes in many other fields of expertise (genetics, soil study, food, etc.). the control of the farm's energy consumption, the support of new projects.

ANIAGRI its consulting relationship is based on the complementarity between generalist consultants with a global approach to operations, a very good knowledge of the field, and resource persons specialized in their field. Based on an analysis of milk and meat products, feed and fertilization costs, the objective is to identify strengths, evaluate margins for progress and help the farmer define corrective actions to optimize products and reduce production costs


Phyto-nutrition process

- Technical mineral feeds
- Specific complementary feeds
- Foliar Enhancer
- Microfinished plants (Core) from 10 to 15 microns (Under thermal control -40°)

Selection of raw materials with high assimilated potential

- Technical and organic minerals
- Coated vitamins / Natural vitamins
- Trace elements
- Marine algae
- Amino acids
- Yeasts: Pre and probiotics
- Cereals / Vegetable oils / Plants / Flavours (technical and natural)


Micronization: Partitioning of the woody / fibrous part of the plant
Cold granulation (pharma type) - Thermoregulated dehydration -40° C
" Compacted" licking block, basins and buckets.
Solution - Gel - Paste
Micro/granules: Diameter of about 2 mm "Calibrated"